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RiverGrills are High Quality, Strong, and Durable!

The best grill you can ever buy...EVER

  • Love CAMPING or cooking over an open flame?
  • This grill makes it EASY!
  • RAISE and LOWER grill by turning the top handle clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • Swing the grill and position it using the vertical handle. Easy to remove food when it's swung away from the fire!
  • When done cooking, completely remove the campfire grill from the permanent post just by lifting off.
  • Never buy another grill again! Great for commercial use on campgrounds, personal use on your fire pit or Backyard Barbecues!
  • 15 Year Warranty covering defects in workmanship or materials
river grills are strong, durable

Don't look for another grill ever again!

EVEN REPLACE YOUR GAS OR CHARCOAL GRILL when you see how easy it is to cook on!

Why RiverGrills?

  • All material heavy-duty, commercial quality, and hand-crafted
  • All Pipe is SCH 40 Heavy gauge steel pipe
  • All square tubing is heavy gauge 1" steel tubing
  • Cooking grid is made from Heavy duty stainless 7mm gauge wire
  • Local business, US-based
  • Direct contact for support
  • The grill is unique and it is covered by a US Patent!
  • Our campfire grill is NOT a portable grill. It is heavy-duty & designed for a permanent campsite.
  • 15 Year Limited Warranty

Backyard Barbecues



Personal Use!

Commercial Use!

Easiest open-fire grill to cook on!

(the only one like it you will ever find)

Bells & whistles - Yet simple to use!

Find that perfect Grill Positioning

Grill raises and lowers just by turning the crank

Stop getting burned while you grill!

Swing the grill off and away from the fire when removing food

Huge Grilling Area

Cook all the burgers and steaks in one batch!


Simply lift the main grill post and grilling deck off the permanent post when not in use.

Easy Cleanup!

Removable grill grates - makes it easy to cleanup!

Checkout the grill's Features.

Position it perfectly over open flames!

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